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Craft Products

Wildflower strives for the highest quality attainable without taking short cuts. Our staff consumes every product we produce and we use organic ingredients whenever possible. Providing high quality product that people enjoy is what keeps us moving forward. We are not happy unless our clients are smiling with approval.

Living Soil

Craft products start with healthy soil. We grow all our hemp organically to ensure a clean, natural product. We amend our garden beds with certified organic inputs like; compost, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, fish bone meal, blood meal and feather meal. Using our home brewed teas, we keep the soil rich and alive to produce the most potent, pure and tasty cannabis on the planet.

Hear What They Say

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Family Owned and Operated

Wildflower Hemp Company is a small batch, family owned and operated hemp farm located in Central Oregon.  We believe in treating others with kindness, respect, honesty and compassion. We are dedicated to cannabis and have been for over 20 years. We work hard on a daily basis and we continue to learn about new products and technologies. Our #1 concern is our customers health and happiness.  

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