1lb Smalls

Available in Lifter, Sour Space Candy, The White CBG, and Bubba Kush flavors. These small buds for an even smaller price. There’s hardly any difference in size when you take a sniff or two, but boy oh boy does it pack a punch.


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Always wanted a little something to try? Try the Small Hemp flowers. You can choose between Lifter, Sour Space Candy, The White CBG, and Bubba Kush. It is an amazing way to taste buds of four different flowers without paying full price. The only difference here is that they’re not as big and perfect, but you still get the chance to enjoy different strains at a more reasonable size.

You can feel good about buying from us because we take pride in using organic materials sourced from our own farm. So ditch those big buds already and get your own some Smalls today!

  • 100% Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Ships In 100% Smell Proof mylar bags
  • 100% Organic, No pesticides, No additives
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Cultivated In Central Oregon
  • Non-GMO

WEIGHT 16 oz

Weight16 oz

Lifter, Sour Space Candy, The White CBG


1lb, 2lbs


CBDA – CBDa or Cannabidiolic acid is one of several compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plant. CBDA and other cannabinoids begins as CBGA or cannabigerolic acid. CBDA exhibits to help manage anxiety, inflammation, seizures, as well as improve people’s overall physical and mental well-being.

CBD or Cannabinoid – Cannabinoid refers to the chemical substance, regardless or origin or structure, that links the cannabinoid receptors of brain and body and that have the same effects to those produced by the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabinoids or CBDs are said to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as help with anxiety disorders. These chemicals regulate many processes in the brain such as memory, mood, and pain perception.

Terpenes – They are aromatic compounds found in several plants, though a lot of people usually associate them with CBD because cannabis plants contain high concentrations of Terpenes. These aromatic compounds produce the characteristic scent of different plants such as cannabis, lavender, pine, rosemary, and fresh orange peel.

Bubba Kush – It is an Indica strain that exhibits a unique, bulky bud structure with hues that range from pale purple to forest green.

Lifter – It is a cannabinoid hemp cultivar produced by breeding Early Resin and Suver Haze bud. Its buds have a funky cheese scent with a hint of fuel. It helps heighten senses and lifts mood.

Sour Space Candy – It is a cannabis-dominant cultivar that crosses Early Resin Berry with Sour Tsunami. It has a multicolored dense buds that show green, orange, and purple hues. It helps provide energizing and uplifting effects that is perfect for daytime activities.

The White CBG –


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Lab Tested (Safe)
Made in the USA
Money back guarantee