Bulk Cartridges

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This is a 50 pack or 100 pack of 1 gram cartridges. Totalling 50-100 grams of hemp derived delta 8 distillate. 


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We use official Ikrusher 510 cartridges with ceramic coil and mouthpiece. We source our distillate from Laurel Crest to ensure a high potency product with purity and compliance from a reputable laboratory. We also use 100% plant based terpenes sourced from True Terpenes with 3rd party lab tests to verify quality.

*50 pack and 100 pack will contain an assortment of flavor profiles.

*Each sample you purchase will be a diff flavor. We keep a constant flow of terpene profiles in stock and rotate between the seasons. We will send samples based on what is available.

WEIGHT: 48 oz


Additional information

Weight48 oz

Sample, 50pk, 100pk


Delta 8 – It is a cannabis compound that has become widely known due to its similarity to delta-9 THC which is the primary compound in cannabis that makes you high, which cause happiness, sedation, euphoria, symptom relief, etc.

1 review for Bulk Cartridges

  1. Keeley Robertson

    Would you guys be able to list some empty cartridges on here? Can’t find any online, but I made my first cart with the delta 8 distillate and some Gelato terpenes in a disposable and it was amazing.

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