Admiral Kush Live Resin

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Made using BHO extraction. Each batch was created using fresh frozen Admiral Kush flower bringing a terpene-rich concentrate that just melts in the jar.



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Who knew resins could be so great? The dried flowers, or “living plants” for these high-quality concentrates, used in this batch were extracted using a different technique than most companies use when creating live resin extracts. Admiral Kush Live Resin is a pure concentrate and no fillers added to make it mind altering.

Have you been trying to conquer that sweet, sticky caramel flavor in your flowers? Try the Admiral Kush Live Resin! One dab will have you sticking out your tongue like a lollipop.

  • 58.71% Cannabinoids
  • 18.48% Terpenes
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • No artificial flavors, ingredients, or cutting agents
  • LESS THAN 0.3% THC

1/2 gram, 1 gram

Certificate Of Analysis


CBD or Cannabinoid – Cannabinoid refers to the chemical substance, regardless or origin or structure, that links the cannabinoid receptors of brain and body and that have the same effects to those produced by the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabinoids or CBDs are said to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as help with anxiety disorders. These chemicals regulate many processes in the brain such as memory, mood, and pain perception.

CBDA – CBDa or Cannabidiolic acid is one of several compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plant. CBDA and other cannabinoids begins as CBGA or cannabigerolic acid. CBDA exhibits to help manage anxiety, inflammation, seizures, as well as improve people’s overall physical and mental well-being.

Terpenes – They are aromatic compounds found in several plants, though a lot of people usually associate them with CBD because cannabis plants contain high concentrations of Terpenes. These aromatic compounds produce the characteristic scent of different plants such as cannabis, lavender, pine, rosemary, and fresh orange peel.

3 reviews for Admiral Kush Live Resin

  1. David G (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! All I can say is taste similar to a Tangie strain I had years ago. Super sweet, fruity, but also skunky. Super fire and smooth on my quartz enail. The pain relief properties instantly hit me like a freight train. Between this and the painted sugar wax I really like the taste of this more! Both taste amazing.

    5/5 concentrate. Live resin is where you want to be because it makes the terps come through more. Wildflower coming through with the absolute ?

  2. sl3vin62286 (verified owner)

    So happy to see some BHO back in stock! I’ve been missing your shatter so this is a real treat. Very smooth when dabbed or smoked with flower. Never disappointed with Wildflower, Gary always brings the ?

    • wildflowerhempco

      Glad your stoked, thanks for the love!

  3. petrarca.andrew121783 (verified owner)

    Sweet mouth watering terpy goodness
    Another ? product that packs a punch
    As a recovering addict dealing with pain and anxiety can be very challenging Quality products like this make life so much more manageable thanks Gary and Wildflower team for making this happen

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Lab Tested (Safe)
Made in the USA
Money back guarantee