Painted Kush Sugar Wax

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Created using a blend of cured Pink Lady and Admiral Kush flower bringing an amazing flavor and rich aroma. Get into a relaxing state and support your way to deep slumber.



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Made using BHO extraction, Painted Kush Sugar Wax is a 100% pure cannabis extract containing beneficial plant oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Taking this Painted Kush Sugar Wax will help you get into a meditative state and help your body completely relax. It’s best recommended to take it before bedtime so you can drift into dreamland with ease.

You can purchase it in 1/2 gram or 1 gram. 1 gram of this Painted Kush Sugar Wax contains 61.37% of cannabinoids with 13.16% of terpenes.

You can ensure that you will receive all the benefits since it doesn’t contain artificial flavors, ingredients, or other cutting agents.


1 gram, 5 gram

Certificate Of Analysis


CBD or Cannabinoid – Cannabinoid refers to the chemical substance, regardless or origin or structure, that links the cannabinoid receptors of brain and body and that have the same effects to those produced by the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabinoids or CBDs are said to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as help with anxiety disorders. These chemicals regulate many processes in the brain such as memory, mood, and pain perception.

CBDA – CBDa or Cannabidiolic acid is one of several compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plant. CBDA and other cannabinoids begins as CBGA or cannabigerolic acid. CBDA exhibits to help manage anxiety, inflammation, seizures, as well as improve people’s overall physical and mental well-being.

Terpenes – They are aromatic compounds found in several plants, though a lot of people usually associate them with CBD because cannabis plants contain high concentrations of Terpenes. These aromatic compounds produce the characteristic scent of different plants such as cannabis, lavender, pine, rosemary, and fresh orange peel.

4 reviews for Painted Kush Sugar Wax

  1. David G (verified owner)

    Just wow. Let me first say thank you to Gary at Wildflower for getting a product like this. I’ve been waiting awhile for something like this, so I’m glad I was able to get some, now to my review.

    I really like the packaging in the glass jars. Easy to open and none was stuck on top of the cap!

    Dabs exactly how top shelf fire cbd bho dabs. Super smooth even with big dabs. Very heavy kush taste and I feel like I can taste the pink lady in the concentrate. Kush earth tones and a candy like exhale and after taste! Fresh frozen ftw!

    Effects are very kush oriented, although I felt extremely happy after upbeat! This is such a fire concentrate, I’m so glad I bought a gram!

    Definitely will be looking out in the future for more concentrates like this. Wildflower sets the example for what fire cbd bho should be like! Get it before it’s gone because it’s too fire not to pass up.

  2. frannyjo23 (verified owner)

    The packaging has improved over the last few months. There are no leaks or ways that your product gets stuck on plastic or so.

    The taste was very different than what I’m used to. The terps were out of this world. Delicious taste. Mr. Gary is a true connoisseur of concentrate creation. I didn’t cough or feel that the quality was inferior. The quality is superb. It smells great, taste great, hits great, and makes you feel great. I think everyone should try it. I bought a gram. I’m excited to try the other kinds.

  3. Micahkz (verified owner)

    VERY high quality product. The test is UNUSUAL, a nice sweet and earthy hit with a slightly savory finish, almost like soy sauce? It’s not bad, just unique! It’s not tasting like GUSHERS or gas the way D9 live resins do but it is still very nice and gives a very nice body relaxation effect

  4. petrarca.andrew121783 (verified owner)

    Another incredible product by Wildflower
    No bs, no additives and no cutting corners
    100% legit tasty terps with powerful benifits
    Wildflower is the only company I trust and shop at when comes high quality CBD products dont bother wasting your $ elsewhere. Wild?4life#1

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