Sleep Mode Gummies

In Lemonzzz flavor. Take 1 fruity gummy at least an hour before bed and say goodbye to a busy mind at night.


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Sleep deprivation is oftentimes a product of our lifestyle and unhealthy habits. Occassional work stress, drinking caffeinated tea or coffee at night, and just an overall poor sleep routine can mess up our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

While traditional sleep-inducing methods put you to bed, they don’t fix the imbalance that’s going on inside. And that’s why you need to take CBN.

CBN (Cannabinol) is a key compound in industrial hemp known to help regulate normal sleep.

Start feeling more rested. Stop feeling tired every time you wake up. Give CBN a try.

Each of our Sleep Mode gummies contains 10mg CBN. No psychoactive or ‘high’ effect. “

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CBN – CBN or cannabinol is a non-toxicating compound that is popular as the cannabinoid produced when THC ages. When THC is heated and got exposed to oxygen, it changes to CBN. It can potentially help manage sleep problems by causing an overall sense of mind and body relaxation and tranquility.


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